CASCADE, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — A recent University of Wisconsin study identifies 90 metrics which determine the overall health of a community. They range from access to childcare to recreational facilities. Obesity, mental health challenges and the rate of substance use also are among them.

“You know, when you look at rural health, we’re looking at health disparities,” said Danielle Stahl with the Washington County Health Department. “We’re looking at a lack of resources and all of that.”

The health department and the town of Cascade, Md. are focusing on community health, together.

“We just want people to look at their lifestyle in a different way,” said Brenda Walker, Wellness Director at the Fort Ritchie Community Center. “Are we eating the right foods? Are we drinking our water daily? Are you getting your steps in? That kind of stuff.”

Walker added, “There are opportunities to get healthy, not just through working out, but eating and your water intake.”

The “Go for Bold” healthy lifestyles initiative, is a partnership to improve health metrics in Cascade, as well as the rest of Washington County.

“Get up and start moving more,” Stahl said. “Start thinking about our mental health and how that all plays into striving to be a healthier person and a healthier community.”