MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Democrat Wes Moore blew away Republican Dan Cox in the latest fundraising figures by hauling in $5.25 million in their gubernatorial race to his opponent’s $566,328, according to campaign finance filings due late Friday.

That puts Moore, the best-selling author and military veteran from Baltimore in firm control of the money advantage with having raised a total of $7.5 million since he won the nomination in July. Moore has $3.8 million left in the bank going into Election Day.

Moore’s ads have been flooding the airwaves for weeks, the latest featuring former President Barack Obama, while Cox has yet to appear in television commercials.

The Republican state delegate from Frederick has a cash balance of $444,123, up from $130,371 from the last filing report in August.

When the running mates’ totals are included as part of their campaign slates, Moore raised $5.8 million and Cox $592,000.

Cox was expecting an infusion of cash from former President Donald Trump who has been helping the candidate raise money even before he won the summer primary.

In an interview with DC News Now, Moore said he’s “humbled” by his fundraising numbers going into Election Day.

“Suffice to say I’m grateful for the incredible amount of support and momentum that we’ve received over the course of this entire campaign,” he said. “The numbers will show it’s over 22,000 donors, overwhelming the majority of contributions are coming from Marylanders and over 70 percent of the contributions are $100 or less.”

Moore said the fundraising puts him into position to win in less than two weeks. In addition to Former President Barack Obama’s ad, Vice President Kamala Harris is set to stomp for him on Saturday in Baltimore. President Joe Biden kicked off the midterm election push by campaigning for Moore back in August.

“It’s exciting that President Obama has endorsed the campaign, Vice President Harris is coming to town and the president just came a few weeks ago,” Moore said. “I think it shows that they understand that this race is incredibly consequential, that they understand what’s at stake.”

The financial numbers for Cox, who recently had a lavish fundraiser held for him by Trump at his Mar-A-Lago estate, were not nearly as potent.

But he had been outraised 10 to 1 by Moore in the previous reporting period back in August.

Cox said in a statement sent to DC News Now that “when Marylanders discover I am their true advocate and the only experienced elected official running for governor in Maryland…they quickly decide to vote our ticket.”

Cox said Moore would defund police “when crime is soaring.”

Moore started running ads in the campaign three weeks ago, the latest one featuring Obama who touted the importance of Maryland supporting his candidacy. Moore would be the third Black elected governor in the nation’s history and the only one in the country if he wins.

Because of his paltry fundraising in large part due to state GOP officials abandoning him, Cox hasn’t been up on television, but he promised ads funded by the largess of Trump.

Two-term Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has assailed Cox at every turn, calling him a “nutjob” and unfit for office, in part due to his previous declarations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump and other views seen as extreme in Republican circles.