POOLESVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — A historic ferry that provided passage across the Potomac for over 200 years has closed its doors. White’s Ferry announced on their Facebook page Monday morning that they would be closing all operations.

Herbert Brown, the owner’s representative from White’s Ferry, said that the family that owns the ferry was sad about this decision.

“We’re devastated… our entire family is just devastated about the whole thing,” Brown said.

This announcement followed a legal battle with Rockland Farm, LLC in Loudoun County, Virginia that had been continuing for over 10 years. Loudoun County Circuit Court issued their decision in November saying that the ferry can no longer dock on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.

Rockland Farm posted a response on their Facebook, claiming that the ferry had violated a previous agreement that started the legal proceedings. The court awarded Rockland Farm $100,000 in damages.

Many commuters and tourists previously used the ferry as a way to cross the Potomac. It was the last of around 100 ferries that made this trip.

Bikers and visitors that stopped by the landing in Poolesville on Monday were greeted by “closed” signs and construction. Matt Marraccini was one of those bikers.

“It’s sad. You know, it’s just a bummer because it’s historic and if it’s not here anymore, it’s kind of a lost art, I guess, around here. It’s sad to see things like that go away,” Marraccini said.

“We’re amazed at the support that we’re getting from the public, and we appreciate it very much, so we hope because of that we can open it up again,” Brown said.

Loudoun County issued a release clarifying that this issue is between two private entities and that they are not part of the lawsuit.