WILLIAMSPORT, Md. (WDVM) — While it may have a small population, the town of Williamsport in western Maryland is chock-full of history. Artifacts that were once housed in the basement milking parlor of the historic Springfield Barn have been relocated to a new space just next door, giving the history of the town its own new permanent home.

The Tenant House behind the Springfield Barn near Williamsport High School has sat empty for a number of years but now has a new purpose. The artifacts detailing the rich history of the town of Williamsport have been moved from the barn to the home and will take visitors back in time through the town’s Civil War history all the way up to more recent achievements in sports.

Williamsport Mayor Bill Green, who was instrumental in the museum’s new location, says the new space has not only allowed the museum to expand its displays, but also remove pieces that weren’t historically accurate to the town. He also says the museum has given a new purpose to the Tenant House which has been refurbished and rewired to accommodate the museum.

“It means a lot that it’s not just an empty building. The old historical building has now got a use which for any old historical buildings is hugely important because without a purpose buildings fall down,” Mayor Green said. “So we saved a building built in the 1800s and we made it into the town museum.”

The town of Williamsport currently owns the Springfield Barn and the Tenant House where the museum is now located. In the future, the town is looking to purchase the Springfield Mansion House, the distillery, and the Spring House to complete the collection of buildings once again.

The grand opening of Williamsport’s history museum will be held on Saturday at 3 p.m.