BOONSBORO, Md. (WDVM)– The metal fabrication and machining business is a male-dominated industry. But, one local Boonsboro woman is leading the way for other women business owners to follow in her footsteps. 

“Sometimes it’s hard for employees or customers you work with to accept the fact you’re a woman in power,” said President of Central Precision Lindsay Pinieski. “This is a male-dominated industry, it’s very much manufacturing, it’s always been male-dominated.”

Washington County’s Central Precision was owned by Pinieski’s Father Dennis Weaver for 25 years until he sold it to her in 2019. However, being a leader in a man’s world, the family-owned business said they’ve faced some controversy making the switch.

“I love women, there’s no sense being against a woman, that’s unbelievable,” said Weaver. “When they realize that she’s the owner of the business, they change. I’ve had people say they were going to quit, but they never did.”

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, in 2019 there are 11.6 million businesses owned by women in the United States that employ 9 million Americans. Since Lindsay has taken over the business, Central Precision has increased product shipments by over $2-million just this year alone.

“I don’t expect them to respect me, I earn their respect,” said Pinieski. “I think that that’s fair in life, you can’t just expect people to respect you because you’re their boss.”

Though her journey hasn’t been the smoothest, Lindsay says it’s important for other women business owners to push through the hard times.”

“There’s a lot of discrimination challenges, and I think you just have to have confidence and persevere,” said Pinieski.

Lindsay says she couldn’t have stepped up to own the business without the support of her family.

“Everybody who’s against it need to grow up,” said Weaver.