At the age of nine, Tonier Cain was exposed to molestation and abuse. Now she’s taking her story and using it as a tool to inspire others.

Cain spoke to a crowd of about 450 people who attended the Unconditional Care Community training in Kepler Theater at the Hagerstown Community College.

“I’m a trauma expert however I am also a survivor so I travel the world trying to help educate providers on how to do a better job with those that have been traumatized,” Cain said.

According to organizers, Tonier Cain is the founder and CEO of Healing Neen, Inc. and a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and trauma care expert that has traveled to every state to train mental health professionals on how to better serve people like her.

The community training was organized by the Bester Community of Hope, a San Mar Initiative, Washington County Department of Social Services and the Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Foundation.

Event organizers say they invited Cain to share her story and give tips on how to help people who are struggling in life.

Other speakers included Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, and the Holistic Life Foundation.