WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — At least three grocery store chains are promising to cut costs on popular holiday foods, as inflation continues to burden consumers.

ALDI, which typically carries food at costs that are less expensive than other major grocery stores, announced products labeled “Thanksgiving Price Rewind” will match 2019 prices, opening the door for deals up to 30% off.

Lidl said stores will offer a Thanksgiving dinner basket that feeds up to 10 people for less than $30. The chain promotes a frozen turkey for 49 cents a pound, which is the lowest price per pound in the Northeast U.S., according to the USDA.

At Walmart, customers reportedly will be offered 2021 prices on holiday food items. The grocery and retail giant indicated deals will continue through December 26.

So, are these deals too good to be true?

“It is and it isn’t,” said American University Professor of Business Ron Hill, adding that, “one way to get people in [stores], when they know that there’s going to be a narrower product line, is to promise them better prices.”

Consumer advocates encourage shoppers to price check items before they actually check out. Even if grocery stores promise major markdowns, the best deal may not be the first you see.

DC News Now asked Hill in what places grocery stores may adjust other expenses or item prices to offset the money they may lose through their special holiday deals.

“The items that they [grocers] are discounting, they probably have very small margins on anyway, and they may even be losing money on some of those items. But the combination may turn out differently than it would if you were just to buy one item.”

To get Lidl’s Thanksgiving basket deal, the grocery store requires shoppers sign up for its free loyalty program, MyLidl, first, noting its deal runs while supplies last.

Walmart does not require people join its loyalty program, Walmart+, to take advantage of the 2021 pricing; however, subscribers can receive discount points to use for future purchases, although the program costs $12.95 a month or $98 for an annual plan.

ALDI does not offer a rewards program, but does offer weekly specials on products.