(DC News Now) — Amazon announced two days of deals in October, targeted for holiday shopping–the latest major retailer to offer seasonal perks earlier on the calendar.

The ‘Prime Early Access Sale’ for Amazon subscribers, similar to ‘Prime Day’ promises “exclusive” low costs on products like KitchenAid, Lego, Ashley Furniture and more, according to a statement from the company Monday. Deals will be offered Oct 11-12.

The online retail giant made the move after Target announced that their annual ‘Deal Days’ would now happen October 6-8 for online and in-store purchases. No subscription to Target will be required to cash in on offered deals.

DC News Now asked several consumers on Monday about the move from retailers to push-back holiday shopping offers. One woman urged consumers to “seize the moment,” on earlier deals, and that the longer shopping season was not a problem.

Meanwhile, another woman said, “I think it’s a bad idea because it’s just like, it’s so early. I feel like it gives people the pressure, like, ‘oh my God, what am I going to do?…” “…It’s not even Halloween yet.”

How consumers spend cash during the holiday season is unknown given rising costs from inflation. However, companies are still hiring for the holiday season: UPS announced plans to add 100,000 seasonal staff–Target, too. Walmart and Macy’s said they sought 40,000 employees, Michaels seeks 15,000 staff.

With more people buying online, the Federal Trade Commission shared a report warning against misleading ads, buried terms and fees, plus ‘dark patterns’ that trick customers into sharing personal data– indication consumers should review purchasing terms before paying up.