WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A quick search online and even around the block could save drivers cash, as gas prices nationwide gradually decrease according to figures provided by AAA.

Gas prices dropped 5 cents nationwide over the last week, but remain more expensive than this time last year—prices hover just less than $4 for a gallon of unleaded fuel.

Consumers can take advantage of discount phone apps that can bring down the cost of gas like Upside. At an Exxon station in Northwest DC Friday afternoon, the outlet offered 40 cents cash back for every gallon of gas.

After claiming the deal via the app, consumers should take a photo of the receipt and upload the photo to the Upside app to receive benefits for future purchases.

“If we’ve learned anything this year it’s to conserve fuel or to save money on fuel,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson Morgan Dean. 

AAA offers several cost benefits for drivers, including TripTiks where consumers, “can even plan out your trip, where you’re headed and then pick some stops along the way, and say, ‘wow, I’m going through a state that’s got a cheaper average than what I’m paying here,” Dean said.

AAA, Waze, Gas Gueu and Fuelio have map databases listing the cheapest gas prices nearby—Fuelio even tracks mileage and fuel consumption.

Gas Buddy and rewards cards with gas stations like Shell and BP can also help bring down totals on receipts.

On the upcoming weekend travel, Dean said, “like we saw with Fourth of July and like we saw with Memorial Day, we could see near-pre-pandemic numbers out on the roadways, which means very busy roads,” adding, “you can leave early in the morning on Monday or later in the day on Monday, and miss some of that midday traffic buildup.”

If consumers opt to dodge the highways and backroads and use public transportation, Amtrak has same-day discounts for children two to 12 years old and can get 50 percent off their tickets. 

Seniors can save 10 percent, and trips across Virignia offer passengers to save 15 percent on tickets.

Other perks are offered for ticket buyers who purchase several days in advance.