WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Consumers will cut back on holiday shopping this year, according to a recent study from RetailMeNot, and as inflation continues to hurt wallets.

The study indicated nearly half of shoppers will buy less, and cut back roughly 8% of expenses, are taking advantage of coupons and are spending more strategically.

What has not changed is the day-to-day responsibilities of bills to feed families, keep lights on and travel to work. However, there are several options for consumers to negotiate what they already pay.

Companies are not required to tell consumers when they could be getting a better deal on the plans and subscriptions they already have.

Phone bills are a common expense consumers negotiate — service providers may offer lower rates for similar coverage, as well as expanded coverage like unlimited data on an existing plan that limits data usage for the same monthly rate.

What about health care and high prices for prescription drugs? CostPlus is a drug company run that offers significantly cheaper prices for certain medications.

The company does not accept insurance but offers a wide array of medications for issues like high and low blood pressure, coughs, seizures and even dementia and sleeping aids.

Consumers could also negotiate several usage-based subscriptions not on a fixed rate, including cable TV and gym memberships.

Shoppers can consider strategizing their purchases by price-checking between different stores and retailers, utilizing printed and digital coupons and opting for cash-back credit cards.

Consumer advocates advise people pay off credit card bills on time to avoid paying interest rates, which continue to rise.