(DC News Now) — Whether you’ve been hunting for online deals for days or you’re getting ready to, you want to make sure the website you’re shopping on is legitimate and secure. Otherwise, that great deal may end up costing you more in the end.

According to the Better Business Bureau during the last year, 89% of scams that led to people losing money were the result of an online purchase. The average amount lost was at least $100.

There are ways to protect yourself against potential scams. The Better Business Bureau and Norton Security are reminding shoppers to make sure websites are more secure from the get-go.

They both recommend shopping at websites that start with “HTTPS”. Ones that don’t have the “S” at the end aren’t as secure. You can find this by clicking on the URL at the top of the web page. Also, make sure that companies provide legitimate customer service phone numbers.

Although shopping smaller businesses can be great, big-name retailers often have some additional security layers built into their systems. If you’re dealing with a business name that’s not as familiar to you, be certain it’s not someone impersonating a company.

When it comes to paying, using a credit card or a payment provider such as PayPal or Apple Pay rather than a debit card can protect you from having your information compromised. Finally, don’t shop on public wifi. If you do, it can leave you open to hackers who can take your information while you scroll

While there are many other ways to protect yourself while trying to find those holiday deals, the best advice from experts; if it feels too good to be true, it probably is and it’s worth a deeper look before you hit order now.