WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Consumer spending this holiday shopping season is expected to exceed 2021 levels and return to the highest level since the pandemic, according to the National Retail Federation.

With clothing costs inflated, consumers may turn to secondhand options, and the DMV has numerous consignment stores that offer discounts.

The price for apparel increased 5.5 percent in the last year, according to the latest Consumer Price Index report, which compiled data costs for the month of September.

The report signals costs for clothes, accessories and more are trending higher into the shopping season, and as consignment sale stores increasingly offer ways to save.

Goodwill recently launched an online shopping platform that includes inventory from stores across the country. Poshmark, Swap and Facebook Marketplace continue to serve as platforms for users to sell their products secondhand.

Consumers in Washington, DC talked to DC News Now Friday about their sentiment surrounding shopping with inflated costs.

“I definitely try and buy on sale,” said Marina in downtown — she opted not to share her last name.

Yasenia Maye said that secondhand “clothing looks just as good as buying it from the regular store. But, it’s an alternative just minus the brand names,” noting that she often donates to these stores.

Meanwhile, other consumers are opting for full-price.

“If you want to look good. You got to spend the money for it, in my opinion. Goodwill you can go, but, to each his own,” said Mike Johnson at the second-hand store.

Consumers looking to stretch their dollar can take advantage of online coupons for products.