WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Inflation has influenced consumers to stray away from meals at restaurants and cut back on spending at grocery stores, according to a recent survey that documented personal spending habits over the past six months.

The National Research Group found that 45 percent of consumers tried reducing spending at restaurants, 44 percent attempted spending less on groceries, and 42 percent for takeout and delivery.

However, fewer Americans decided to spend less on expenditures like subscription-based services like television and movie streaming, as well as gas and travel, the study found.

Jeunesse Wright told DC News Now, “I don’t go out as much. Happy hours and restaurants,” given the rising costs for food.

Michael Maenke said he is cost cutting, “everywhere,” adding, “I took my fiancé on, kind of a date night the other night, and I was just, ‘alright, this is a once a month, once every couple of months kind of thing.”

International student Ayah Fakhouri described inflated prices as “really tough” on personal finances.

People heading to grocery stores can price-check items to find the lowest prices, digital coupons and subscription-based loyalty programs can also bring down costs.

The federal Consumer Price Index report for September is due out this week, giving shoppers a closer look at exactly how much the cost of goods is changing.