WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Amazon is reportedly raising the amount shoppers must spend to get free shipping if they are not subscribed to the platform’s Prime premium service.

The Associated Press reported some non-Prime consumers will have to spend at least $35 in some parts of the US to get free shipping — an increase from at least $25.

Amazon has recently made operation adjustments, including cutting more than 27,000 corporate jobs in the last year, and additional cuts elsewhere. They also stopped free grocery delivery for Prime members ordering less than $150.

To avoid at least one future Amazon shipping fee without a Prime membership, add an Amazon gift card to your cart to reach the $25 or $35 threshold, and use the gift card balance for a future Amazon purchase.

Consumers can opt for a 30-day free trial of Prime but should be aware to cancel the trial before a paid membership begins.

Other ways to save include Amazon Outlet, which includes overstocked and items listed on clearance, or Amazon Warehouse, where items are pre-owned, used or boxes are opened. Amazon says all products get a quality check before being sold online.

Consumers can download browser extensions to automatically find if something is cheaper elsewhere, compared to Amazon.

When could these hacks help? Another Prime Day is slated for Oct. 10th and 11th and Amazon promises discounts on Dyson, Sony, Barbie, LG and more.

Consumers also may want to begin holiday shopping early, and consider buying supplies for next summer – the 2023 season is nearly over and items may be on clearance

If shoppers are considering a Prime membership, the annual $139 rate will save you $41, compared to the $15 month-to-month plan.