ALEXANDRIA, Va (DC News Now) — The Black Friday Daily Deals liquidation store in Alexandria promotes weekly deals on truckloads of retail products, after being bought from major retailers.

Products from household items to clothes, appliances and electronics are strikingly priced at $10 on Fridays and cost two dollars less every day after that, and a mere one dollar on Wednesdays.

The store closes Thursday to replenish the seven aisles of wooden pallets where items are loosely displayed.

The major markdowns to products, many just off the shelves of big box retail operations like Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon, are thanks to liquidation sales when retailers need additional shelf space or go out of business.

Store Manager Danny Najjar gleefully rolls out a new pallet of products following a siren sound effect played on a portable speaker, while customers flock to the new items on the sales floor.

“It can be an iPhone, it can be a laptop, it can be [Apple] air pods, it can be big stuff or small stuff. You know, it can be expensive things, it can be cheap things,” said Najjar.

The National Retail Federation said a record 16.6% of all merchandise sold in 2021 was returned; a 6% uptick from the year prior.

A sizeable $761 billion was lost in retail sales last year, according to NRF data; making mention the total outweigh what the federal government spent for national defense efforts in 2020.

Najjar said his customers spend up to an hour inside the Alexandria store location, tucked in the breezeway of a shopping center on Richmond Highway.

Najjar says his team blindly purchases truckloads of products from major retailers during liquidation sales, and resells them in Alexandria, and locations in Manassas, Va and Laurel, Md.

“I know people that quit their job, and they just literally come here just to purchase stuff and go sell them online. You can sell and regain the money that you spent over here and you can make extra money on the side as well,” he said.