WASHINGTON (DC NEWS NOW) — Car insurance rates are rising in the district as numerous drivers reported stiff increases, and some indicated no notice.

Local drivers said on Twitter Wednesday their monthly car insurance bills rose between $60 to $108, citing GEICO as their insurance provider.

Allstate told DC News Now they increased rates earlier this year in DC, citing ““inflation, more frequent and severe accidents, costlier repairs, and other factors,” according to a spokesperson.

While Allstate did not provide a cost range of insurance rate hikes, they mentioned rates were dropped in 2021.

A spokesperson for State Farm said the insurer raised rates on DC drivers by approximately 3 percent after a 12.6 percent reduction in 2020, saying, “although miles driven, claim volume and severity have increased, State Farm auto rates in Washington D.C. remain well below pre-COVID-19 levels.”

Representatives from GEICO did not respond to requests for comment.

Monthly rates rise amid record highs for annual car insurance premiums nationwide, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One Alexandria driver said her regular $167 monthly rate will increase to $206 for September, and $210 in October, saying, “it’s insane, it’s too much…” “it just sucks overall.”

The driver did not want to be identified due to a work conflict, adding, “I don’t have any accidents, no tickets, I don’t know why my insurance went up. But, I’m like, ‘oh, there’s been a lot of car jackings and inflation…” “but I didn’t expect it to go up that much.”

Insurance rates are not solely determined by consumers’ driving record and vehicle–rates are also set based on car accidents other people are involved in where consumers live, and how many cars are on the road.

Consumers can bring down their rates via several programs. Insurers may offer discounts that reward safe drivers–Progressive’s ‘Snapshot‘ program tracks acceleration, hard braking and cellphone usage when drivers are behind the wheel.

Drivers should consider bundling their car insurance with renters or homeowners insurance with the same company. Good credit and low-mileage programs to take advantage of may also decrease the cost of insurance payments.

A representative for USAA said the insurer has not raised car insurance rates in the district, and does not plan to do so in 2023. Representatives for several other major car insurers did not respond to requests for comment.