WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Dollar Tree, one of the largest discount store brands in the U.S., is planning to expand higher-priced items at nearly 2,000 stores in 2023, according to a recent corporate earnings call.

Dollar Tree announced 1,805 additional stores “expanded multi-price Plus” products in 2022, and the retailer plans a repeat for 2023, according to details shared in the call.

Plus,’ a product line that includes items priced at $3 or $5 includes home goods, crafts, kitchen supplies and more — more than three times their base price of $1.25, which increased from $1 in 2021, reportedly due to inflation.

A study, published in February by the American Public Health Association, drew a correlation between dollar stores and food.

Dollar store sales accounted for just 2.1% of household food purchases, according to the study. It added that these discount stores are the fastest-growing food retail operation since 2008; sales increased 89.7%.

The study, which involved a “nationally representative panel of approximately 50,000 households,” also said that dollar stores in rural America outpaced more urban areas like cities and suburbs by 102.9%.

Consumers from all income levels may opt for discounts at dollar stores, given inflated prices. They may also use apps to track expenses and set aside money.

“The best app you have is actually our online bank account,” said Jason Howell, a certified financial planner and adjunct professor at American and George Mason Universities.

“If an app is going to help you by, you know, save more money because it’s giving you the kind of alerts that make sense to you or it’s giving you, you know, a little buzzes or capturing of loose change from your $1.26, it’s going to take the other 74 cents and move it to another account… then, wonderful if that works for you,” Howell said.

For consumers seeking to stretch their dollar at discount stores, AARP recommends consumers use coupons, and compare prices of products sold elsewhere, including at big box stores.

Nutritionists recommend consumers read the nutritional value labels on products, and especially for store brand or discounted items.

Consumers can utilize phone apps to help identify if a product is healthy or not.