WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Americans will gather around the table for the annual Thanksgiving meal next month, but it will very likely be the most expensive ever.

The American Farm Bureau Foundation announced that the price of turkey breast hit a record high of $6.70 per pound in September, a whopping 112% increase compared to a year ago.

Inflation is just one of the reasons.

“Avian Flu (is) happening in the large turkey farms,” Jamie Stachowski, owner of Stachowski Market in Georgetown. “It’s just put pressure on just like everything else, everything all the way down the market.”

Turkey prices in the market have doubled over the last year, according to Stachowski. He recommends you order your holiday bird now.

“The turkey market is tight, and it’s going to get even tighter,” Stachowski said.

He started to check on turkey supplies in the spring and ordered his Thanksgiving turkeys in August. He said that’s the earliest he’s ever ordered his birds.

The higher prices for turkey and the other items needed for the holiday meal will force many families to tighten their belts.

“You’re going to have to make some considerations, maybe perhaps not being as elaborate as in the past,” said Joshua Bearden. “Or maybe cutting out some things you’d normally have.”