WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Some people may see more money being taken from their paychecks for health coverage this year.

According to federal data, costs dropped in each of the past four years.

Premiums are more expensive from the Benchmark Silver Plan, the US Department of Health and Human services indicated; prices increase 4% for a 27 year old, and “typical family of four.”

Despite the uptick, the department said 2023 premiums are 6% less expensive than in 2019.

So, how much does this cost consumers? The following figures are according to average premiums cited by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which tracks information related to health issues in the United States.

  • Maryland subscribers: $336 a month
  • Virginia subscribers: $371 a month
  • DC residents: $428 a month
  • Pennsylvania subscribers: $433 a month
  • West Virginia subscribers: $824 a month

During his annual address to the West Virginia legislature, Governor Jim Justice proposed a 50% income tax cut for residents; a phased plan Justice said was backed by a budget surplus of over $1 billion.

While Democrats and Republicans in both houses of the legislature draft proposals surrounding Justice’s recommendation, an income tax cut could alleviate the burden on expenses like high health care premiums in the state.

“It will take us three years to pull it off. But, absolutely it is an aggressive pathway that will put unbelievable moneys right back into all of our pockets,” the governor said Wednesday.

The deadline to enroll for benefits backed by the Affordable Care Act was Sunday, but people can enroll if they meet certain Specialty Enrollment Period deadlines; including circumstances like moving, getting married, becoming a parent or losing health coverage.