WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — From Hannukah to Christmas to Kwanza, families are flocking to grocery stores to build holiday meals as average prices in 2022 are notably higher than they were one year ago.

Some families repeat traditional thanksgiving meals around the holidays, others honor religious traditions. DC News Now reviewed the price of ham, turkey, fish, potatoes and beans, and compared costs between Safeway, Walmart and Harris Teeter.

For a ham, Safeway came out on top—promoting a ham for $0.99 a pound. An entire turkey costs $0.98 and $0.99 a pound at all three grocery stores.

Thinking fish? Fresh salmon costs the least at Safeway, which promotes filets $7.99 a pound. Potatoes are priced at $0.52 for a pound of russets at Walmart.

Red beans are priced at $0.78 per can at Harris Teeter and $0.79 cents per can at Walmart.

For people worried about adding more grocery costs to credit cards, financial advisors like Timoty Woods, a CFO based in DC, recommend asking for help.

“Contact an accreditor. It’s ok to contact them ahead of time and say, ‘Hey’, you know, ‘is it possible I can get a month of forbearance,’ in which they give you… an opportunity to not pay a month, and not be penalized other than just your monthly interest,” Woods said.

Taking time to budget before visiting stores can prevent consumers from overspending, as well as utilizing digital and printed coupons.