WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Consumers continue to search for the best holiday meal deals during the home stretch of the Thanksgiving holiday, and as federal data points to skyrocketing costs for traditional dishes.

The Consumer Price Index indicates turkey prices rose roughly 17% over the past year, gravies and sauces increased by 14.6%, while ham prices rose by 9% and pork prices increased by 4%. 

DC News Now surveyed several grocery store chain prices — specifically for the sought-after turkey. We searched for frozen birds around 10-16 pounds.

Walmart lists a Honeysuckle turkey for $0.98 a pound and upwards of $1.18 a pound from Butterball.

Safeway promotes similarly sized frozen turkeys between $0.99 and $1.99.

Supermarket chain Giant offers a bird as low as $0.37 a pound and up to $1.29 per pound for a gluten-free turkey.

The average price for full breast turkey packages, fresh and organic turkeys is generally more than the aforementioned, frozen options.

For families needing the most help, food banks offer free alternatives for low-income families.

In Prince George’s County, Maryland — where the average household income is less than $90,000 — Pastor Mike Dickson described the gratifying feeling of providing to families in need with the Metamorphosis Community Project.

“Having been raised by a single mom, I remember my mom taking a part-time job just to be able to allow my brother and me to have what she thought it was a ‘normal Christmas,’” Dickson said.

“It can be hard for parents to shield their children from the difficulties, and allow them to be children. And so, it just feels good to just do our little part, which is not much, but I do believe that many hands can make work light,” he added.