WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Most Americans save money regularly for emergencies, and retirement, but certain savings accounts could give you more cash short and long term.

Despite widespread interest to save money, NerdWallet says just 45% have $1,000 available for emergency expenses without swiping a credit card or taking out a loan.

Good news, there are strategies to earn more interest on what you save, for short and long term use.

The survey says nearly nine out of 10 Americans save regularly. Typically, 53% of consumers put cash toward emergency funds, 43% for retirement and 42% is reserved for vacations.

However, the survey found 60% of U.S. consumers don’t have a retirement-specific account.

Consumers can consider high-yield savings accounts to grow savings, open money market account to also earn interest — but also giving consumers a debit card, and ability to withdrawal.

CNET says certificates of deposit give high yield savings, lock interest for a period of time and blocking consumers from accessing savings for months to years. Consider several CDs of these with different expirations to give you access to some savings.

Banks with sign up bonuses or offers to reward checking account holder can also provide savings.

Finally, CNET points to bond investments; for as little as $25 and can earn interest. The U.S. Treasury says the current I-bond interest rate is 4.30%.

To figure out which best fits the needs of consumers, those looking should determine cash on hand.

One large lump sum deposit could provide the best results with high yield savings accounts or a CD ladder. Though with $100, consumers could opt for an I-bond.

Determine when you want access to your money, and establish your financial needs to pick which account to open.