WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Walmart has launched a new mobile discount program, and is the latest domestic major retailer to roll out a consumer points program to bring down costs.

As Americans continue to be pressured by inflation, the nation’s largest retail employer said “hundreds of items” are available for rewards points “from grocery to household goods,” according to a corporate spokesperson.

Walmart+ members can use accrued points during check out online and in stores–the more points, the bigger discount.

Will the retailer open up the points offers to non-Walmart+ members? No, at least, for now. A spokesperson said, “while Walmart Rewards and the items rewards are exclusively for members, [30 day] trial members also get access.”

Other major retailers offer discounted purchase totals. Target’s ‘Circle’ loyalty program offers one percent cash back at checkout for future purchases.

Grocers like Harris Teeter, Publix, Kroger, Food Lion, Giant and more have online offers, including alerts for items on sale.

With plenty of options Ron Hill, a business administration professor at American University, advices consumers to keep focus to get the best deals, saying, “instead of going to one place and buying everything there, look at the differential advantage of going to multiple places with multiple coupons.

Hill, whose writing include consumer spending and marketing ethics, said coupons provide coverage of the benefits offered than points-based rewards. “Have you ever got one of those cards that has $100 loaded on it? What happens when it gets down to $2, what do you do?,” Hill asked, adding, “people will collect points but there will be a lot of people that won’t take advantage of it.”

Consumers may be required to pay a fee for certain bargain subscriptions, and are recommended to review the terms of loyalty program deals before signing up.