KEARNEYSVILLE, W. Va. (WDVM) — The Ashley House in Kearneysville, West Virginia had its official unveiling on Friday.

The Ashley House is an addiction recovery home, run by Semper Liberi, an organization that provides resources to people in early recovery. While the Ashley House is not the first recovery home in West Virginia, is the first to be certified by the state.

“We’re very excited about that because there’s a lot of structure involved in this recovery residence, unlike some other place that you might find. And this separates the good from the bad,” said Kevin Knowles, a Semper Liberi board member:

While the women live in the house, employees of Semper Liberi will be assisting them on their journey to sobriety. Some, like Krisandra Joia, will be working closely with the women every single day.

“I will be overseeing the day-to-day activities with the ladies, making sure that their household duties are fulfilled,” said Joia, the recovery residence manager of the Ashley House. These duties include maintaining employment, going to meetings, and maintaining personal schedules.

While the women help themselves, they are also being supported by their community, the members of which even pitched in to help create the house itself. Many residents of West Virginia donated to the project and volunteered to renovate the property before the women moved in. And the directors remain hopeful that the neighbors will continue to help the women.

“We look forward to that community partnership because unfortunately, addiction takes a toll on the community, but the community also plays a big role in people’s recovery,” said Jonathan Hartiens, a program director with Semper Liberi.

The Ashley House is currently home to six women, but the directors are hoping to expand down the road and to even branch out to create a men’s recovery house.