Borough of Chambersburg officials have vowed to keep tax rates for electricity and gas constant if the 2019 Chambersburg Budget Plan is approved.

In the 2019 budget proposal, residents will see that there’s a suggested one cent increase in the water rate, but trash, sewer and electricity rates remain the same as 2018.

According to officials, compared to a privately owned utility company, Chambersburg will be saving its customers over $400 if the budget is approved.

“One of our goals is always control the rate of taxes and the increase in the rate of utilities and we’ve been incredible successful in both respects,” said Borough of Chambersburg Manager Jeffrey Stonehill.

According to one official, 68 percent of the county’s money will be invested in public safety.

Residents will be able to give public comments during a meeting on Monday, Nov. 19 2018 in downtown Chambersburg.