The Chambersburg Council has decided to work out an agreement that would bring gas to Greene Township. 

Chambersburg is one of only two municipalities in the entire state of Pennsylvania to operate its own gas systems. Due to state law, they are generally prohibited from serving gas to customers outside the Borough. However, Menno Haven began working on a project where they realized it would be beneficial to use Chambersburg gas. Both parties and UGI Central Penn Gas have agreed in principle to a transportation arrangement. 

“UGI is buying the gas. They are just transporting it through our pipeline system, so the importance of it is to give people the use,  be able to choose natural gas that have never had that choice before, so theirs a lot of winners,” said Allen Coffman, a Chambersburg councilman.  

According to Coffman, Senator Rich Alloway and Representative Rob Kauffman have helped obtained a grant worth $584,000 to help fund the agreement.