The impact of the government shutdown is trickling down to small businesses in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia area.

The European Working Dog company trains elite service dogs. However, with the shutdown, they’ve had to cease all operations.

The dogs are meant to be adopted, but government adoptions are  paused.

The dogs will continue to be trained until their adoption time comes. Manager Lisa Ziembo sees the effects at first hand, but her family plans to keep moving forward.

“I do see the effect on small businesses, we hope that it does end quickly because it does trickle down, way down you know. There are dogs sitting and waiting, and these dogs love to work.” said Ziembo. 

One dog specifically at the kennel’s name is Bobo. 

Bobo was in route to being adopted until the shutdown occurred. He’s been at the kennel ever since, and although the Ziembo family loves him, they would adore to see him at his forever home.

“We love what we do, we’re here for a purpose, and our family plans to keep expanding to more locations.” said Ziembo. 

For more information, visit their website.