CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WDVM) — Multiple volunteers and fire companies responded to a fire in Chambersburg on West Washington Street Sunday evening.

According to authorities, the call was dispatched at 4:45 and the last unit did not clear the scene until 11 p.m. There were 13 residents inside the apartment complex and five people in Nana’s Wash House when the fire started.

Due to the damage caused by the fire, the entire building is a complete loss and the Red Cross is assisting those who are displaced because of it, officials said.

“There was two civilian injuries due to smoke inhalation and they were in the building and two firefighters that had heat exhaustion. They were all taken to the Chambersburg hospital and released about 3 hours afterwards,” said Dustin Ulrich, emergency services chief of Chambersburg Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Video from Franklin County Fire Company