Pennsylvania pet owners should check their cars twice for pets they may leave behind.  

A new law that will go into effect on Dec. 31 will allow law enforcement to enter locked vehicles if they see a dog or cat inside.

Act 104 of 2018 states that authorities will not be responsible for any damaged vehicle after breaking in to save dogs or cats. Other people who will have the right to break-in include animal control officers and humane society police officers.

The Antietam Humane Society is happy to know that the government is making an effort to better protect animals.

“We’re actually really excited about being able to protect the animals a little bit more in our community than we have been in the past especially without any legal repercussions on behalf of the people who are just trying to do their job here,” said Kacie Morrell, executive director of the Antietam Humane Society.

According to Waynesboro Police Department, violators will face a citation for this offense.

“The harsher penalties seem appropriate for those who desire to repeatedly violate the law and put health welfare and safety of our community members at risk,” said Sourbier.