WARNING: Graphic video

Police are looking into animal abuse allegations at Martin Farms, a Pennsylvania dairy factory farm in Franklin County.

Undercover video captured by an investigator with the D.C. based animal advocacy group, Compassion Over Killing (COK), shared with us shows cows and calves pushed, shoved and kicked at Martin Farms. 

The investigator was employed with Martin Farms from October 2018-December 2018. 

“Our investigator followed a truck from Martin Farms straight to an ice cream plant operated by Nestle, the world’s largest dairy company,” said COK officials.  

Martin Farms, released a statement taking full responsibility for the incident, stating in part: “We do not tolerate any mistreatment on our farm. We take great pride in our family farm and we are shocked that these incidents took place on our farm. “

A spokesperson for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative, which works with Martin Farms, says the farm has been placed on probation. They also confirmed that five employees shown in the video mishandling the animals have been terminated.

Pennsylvania State Police are currently investigating the alleged animal abuse, and say Martin Farms has been fully cooperative. 

Martin Farms also added, “We are revising our existing monitoring and employee training protocols to determine where changes need to be made to prevent future incidents from occurring.”

We reached out to Nestle for comment and did not hear back.