ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County officials are taking steps to provide a more equitable life for all of their residents. Tuesday, the council heard from residents on the proposed racial equity and social justice bill during a public hearing.

Bill 27-19, The Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, was introduced in September and would create an advisory committee to oversee issues minorities may face in the county.

“We have to acknowledge the reality that whether intentionally or unintentionally county agencies are a big part of manifesting racial inequity and racial injustice” said Brandy Brooks, Radical Solutions founder.

Many testified before the Montgomery County Council, bringing light to different areas including education. The bill would also have a budget for a racial equity director and an action plan in all county departments.

“Mechanisms that say that you can’t pass bill without a racial equity impact assessment after a certain period of time,” said Brooks.

Nancy Navarro and other councilmembers are sponsoring the bill

“As an employee here in the county, now I’m a business owner in the county and I think it’s important to review these progressive ideas,” said Victor Delpino, attorney.

Some are hoping that the act will help define problems and develop solutions. This bill directly benefits working families and the immigrant community to help close the gap in the county.

Councilmembers will take a final vote on the bill in late November.