(WDVM) — The Silver Line project in Northern Virginia is set to move to its final stages by Labor Day weekend.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority made the announcement in a press release. As the company finishes up its part of phase two, the reigns will be handed over to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for final safety inspections before opening the rail to the public.

Right now, the project is 99 percent complete, including the new tracks and stops. However, there will now be exhaustive testing that will ensure everyone’s safety as the trains start to run. Charles Stark, the Vice President of MWAA, said, “We’ve been working on this since 2014 and as it’s coming to fruition and we see trains running, eventually we can see people getting on and riding it, it’s a milestone in our careers. It’s very satisfying.”

WDVM reached out to WMATA as well. Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Wiedefeld said, “(This) announcement enables Metro to begin planning and budgeting for the start of service in early 2022. As MWAA achieves substantial completion, Metro will be testing, conducting system safety certification, and recruiting and training employees to get ready for passenger service.”

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