After the birth of her daughter, Megan Lehman searched for a workout community that would keep her close to her child and help her get back in shape. 

“I was a new mom. I had friends,  but not friends with kids, it was just a whole community, to come and surround me and to just do motherhood a long side.”  Megan Lehman of FIT4MOM Winchester says.

Lehman brought FIT4MOM to Winchester in April. The pre- and post-natal workout program allows moms to workout with their children present while getting to know other moms in the community. 

“I had never heard of anything like this before I didn’t honestly know it existed , but whenever I was like oh he get’s to come with me and everybody else has a baby with them to?  I’m not the only one.”  Samantha Connelly of Stephens City, Virginia says. 

Samantha Connelly was one of the first to join Lehman on the journey to post pregnancy fitness, but she soon found out, it was much more than a daily hour-long class. 

“It’s more than just working out, and we’re losing weight and fitting into better pants, you actually get somebody who says you’re doing a really great job even when you think you might be failing at all of it.” Connelly says. 

The moms say FIT4MOM has offered them a companionship that they couldn’t imagine getting at a typical gym. Christina Sisler has three children all under the age of 3, and says it is nice to be around people who understand the changes you go through physically and mentally after giving birth.

“It’s a village of moms that are just like you that went through the same body changes, the same mental changes, and you’re exercising too, so you’re getting your body back.” Christina Sisler of Winchester, Va says. 

The ladies say their getting those bodies back at their own pace. 

“If it took 10 months to grow a baby, it’s going to take 10 months to get back your body. There shouldn’t be a rush on it.” Sisler says. 

Lehman says the friendships made at FIT4MOM will probably last a lifetime.

“I am also here to create a community, to create friendships and to watch these kiddos grow up together, and to just know that motherhood is not suppose to be done alone.”  Lehman says. 

FIT4MOM Winchester currently offers stroller stride classes Monday through Fridays for moms with children up to kindergarten age.