Each day, the Dulles Toll Road sees an average of 300,000 transactions. Those transactions are about to change for the better, thanks to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s $23 million project. 

Dulles Toll Road Manager, Cynthia Ward, says toll roads are typically upgraded every eight to 10 years, but the Dulles Toll Road is being updated after 25 years. 

“Every time we performed more maintenance for a longer period of time, lanes were closed. This impacted the customers’ ability to effectively move along the toll road,” said Ward.

MWAA acquired the road over nine years ago to use some of its revenue for the Dulles Cooridor Metrorail Project. Some of this revenue will also be used to fund the updates.

Upgrades include LED signage, new parts to minimize maintenance, and new software incorporated by Transcorps.