FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — Teachers across Fairfax County had the opportunity to showcase their work in the 13th annual Artist Teacher Exhibition. Although this year they went digital, some teachers said this was a breath of fresh air during a critical time.

76 art teachers did not let this year’s digital experience stop them from showcasing their work. The art exhibition recognizes the creativity and technical expertise of all participants.

Elaine Florimonte, Westfield High Art Teacher said, “I love painting really big, and I love painting really small and coming back and forth. It’s just something that keeps my mind popping.”

Ingesting what Florimonte sees visually and putting it on a canvas, has been her way of expressing herself for years. Her piece she showcased is called ” A Sweetness In The Air.”

“What I was waiting for that specific piece was wanting people to react to the certain shapes, the diagonals, and the composition of the piece, and the color of the piece. I didn’t want them to not necessarily know where it was and that’s one of the reasons why I combined two very different places.”

This year’s organizer Susan Silva said this year was challenging to put together, but nonetheless, the response from the participants and work bring her joy.

Susan Silva, 2020 Art Exhibition Organizer said, “The thing that just resonates with me is the incredible variety of talent and story-telling that our art educators have.”

Silva said from sculptures, traditional paintings, photography, and more, sharing pieces with the community makes art teachers feel appreciated.

“It was just a really good way to feel connected to the larger community of artists that we’re in Fairfax County,” said Florimonte.

Art teachers said they’re already looking forward to next year’s artist teacher exhibition.