ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Over the weekend, the Arlington County Board approved a plan to redevelop the Courthouse Landmark Block. The plan will bring a 20-story apartment building, retail shops and a walkable promenade for residents to enjoy.

The plan was envisioned to update the outdated existing buildings but still keep historical relevance. As outlined, the plan will preserve the facades of the existing Investment Building and First Federal Savings and Loan Building, listed on the County’s Historic Resources Inventory.

In a statement, county board chair Matt de Ferranti said, “This redevelopment will transform a block of aging commercial buildings while adding housing, including affordable housing, to a site adjacent to the Courthouse Metro Station.”

Staff presented the new site renderings at a regular board meeting Saturday for the project set to take up an entire block by the Courthouse Metro Station.

Greystar is the developer behind the project. Nicholas Cummings, its legal representative, is optimistic about what the project will bring to the community.

During the meeting, Cummings said, “We feel strongly that this project will be an example for future development and set a standard for this corner of Arlington. It delivers a number of crucial community benefits.”

After the presentation and discussion, board members unanimously voted, giving the project the official green light.

In the agreement, Greystar will also be contributing over $1.3 million to the County Affordable Housing Investment Fund to meet the County’s affordable housing requirements.

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