ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — The Arlington County Board is voicing their frustrations after Gov. Glenn Younkin signed a veto for a police oversight bill.

House Bill 670 would have allowed the county board, instead of the county manager, to appoint an independent policing auditor to work closely with the county’s community oversight board to investigate accusations of police misconduct.

The county says the independent policing auditor is intended to work with the county’s newly created community oversight board, which took “well over a year.” The county says this role is an integral piece to the county’s plan for police oversight.

“The Arlington community has created a Community Oversight Board ordinance informed by national best practices and empowered to work with an Independent Policing Auditor to conduct concurrent yet independent investigations with law enforcement,” stated County Board Chair Katie Cristol in a release.  “ACPD, and our individual officers, set a very high standard for professionalism, and adding community oversight only serves to improve legitimacy, ensure accountability and increase transparency.”

The governor described the bill as “anti-law enforcement,” saying the legislation would create an “overly powerful politically-appointed police auditor.”

“The best way to ensure that any bad actors within law enforcement are held accountable is to stand up for law enforcement, not tear them down or subject them to politically-motivated inquiries,” said Youngkin.

The board said their next steps are to speak with Gov. Youngkin regarding the veto and continue to support House Bill 670.

Read the full statement from the county here.