ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — Virginia State Police (VSP) said that charges were pending after a car hit a trooper’s vehicle and the people inside it took off, swimming as part of their attempt to get away from police.

Corinne Geller, Public Relations Director for Virginia State Polices, said a trooper saw a car with the wrong license plates on it shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday. The trooper tried to stop the car at 18th Street South and Crystal Drive in the Crystal City area. Geller said the driver of the car wouldn’t stop and drove away. State police followed the car onto Interstate 395 and tried to contain it on the shoulder. It was at that point that the car hit a trooper’s vehicle, causing the vehicle and the car to spin around and collide again.

Geller said the driver and a passenger got out and ran. Arlington County police and Fairfax County police helped VSP set up a search perimeter, and around 1:55 a.m., troopers spotted the driver and passenger hiding near Roaches Run. The driver and passenger jumped into the water and started swimming across Roaches Run towards George Washington Memorial Parkway. U.S. Park police came to help VSP as the driver and passenger hid in the water.

Arlington County Fire and Rescue’s water rescue team found the two people, and they were taken into custody. They were taken to the hospital for treatment because of their exposure to cold water temperatures.