Art is everywhere, and Arlington Cultural Affairs is breaking beyond the traditional venue to prove this is true. 

On Wednesday, the organization debuted it’s newest hub for the county’s artistic and cultural events–The Arlington Art Truck. It’s equipped with both digital and traditional creative tools for artists to engage residents in their creative process. The truck came from an idea from Arlington arts project curator, Cynthia Connolly.

“She had this idea of taking the art out on the road to the people,” said Michelle Isabelle-Stark, Director of Arlington Cultural Affairs.  

“The idea came to me about three years ago when Arti-sphere was closing with the frustration of running and curating an arts venue,” said Cynthia Connolly, Curator with Arlington Cultural Affairs. 

The launch included interactive project with the trucks bipedal soundscape installation created by artist Alex Braden and Emily Francisco. 

“We are able to interact with community and talk to people that might never step foot in an art gallery,” Francisco said. 

The art truck features eight installations from mostly local artists and will run until October.