ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Arlington residents are calling for action, to see a change for the county’s logo and seal.

Sherrice Kerns, Arlington NAACP Member said, “In a county where we espouse progressive values, flying a flag or having a seal that’s representative of the confederacy is inappropriate in this time.”

NAACP members said the Arlington house in the logo, is the former home and a memorial to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Kerns said slaves were forced to build his home, symbolizing slave labor.

“I don’t think it gives appropriate gravitas to the sacrifices made by Afro Descendants in this country. You know to uphold an establishment where people were harmed,” said Kerns.

County Board Chair, Libby Garvey said they’re willing to look into this matter, hoping it will start a conversation in the county about equity and systemic racism.

Garvey said, “I think we need to have the whole community reviewing and thinking about it and coming up with what we want to have to replace name and symbols that we want to remove. Of course if we want to take the logo away we need to put another logo in its place, so what’s it going to be if we do that?”

According to Garvey the matter of time that residents can see a possible change has not been established yet. However the president of the NAACP chapter, Julius Spain wrote a letter saying the logo is a “symbol that divides, rather than unites us.”

Garvey said, “I hope we have a really good look at our history and what it means and what symbols we want to have. We need to look at who we want to honor, and how, and certainly we don’t want to honor anybody who was in favor of supporting the Confederacy and slavery.”