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Last year, Amazon announced it’s plans split it’s second headquarters between Long Island City, New York and Arlington, Virginia. Since the announcement was made, Arlingtonians have been very vocal, responding to the news.

On Saturday, the Arlington County Board of Supervisors hosted its second Community Listening Session to hear the public’s concerns with the announcement.

Some residents complained that Amazon has not publicly determined what it will do with it’s 500,000 square feet of leased space.

Others are concerned about increased traffic and public transit’s capacity to accommodate it, as well as rising housing prices.

Arlington plans to enter a 16 year contract, incentive-paid, but over 15 years. Residents urged the board to reconsider paying Amazon to relocate. 

Residents also seemed particularly concerned with Amazon’s supposed connections with ICE. 

The board will take Saturday’s comments and formulate a “high level summary” of residents’ reactions to the move. That report will appear on the website in the coming weeks.