As the Virginia Department of Transportation looks to expand I-66, the bike paths in the area will be getting an expansion as well.

VDOT has worked closely with the Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling to make sure the 23-mile updated and extended bike paths will benefit all of the cyclists and walkers in the area. The new bike path will start at Cottage Street near Dunn Loring metro and connect all the way to the Washington and Old Dominion trail, which will benefit many in the area. 

“We’ve tried very hard to work with the bicyclists and pedestrian community and I think if you looked at how VDOT used to do projects years ago, trails were definitely an after-thought. They weren’t intregral to the whole planning process, and so you know we’ve changed” said Susan Shaw, VDOT Megaprojects Director. 

All of the paths and the interstate are tentatively scheduled to be completed by 2022.