ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Being generous to others is something Parish members practice at the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. However, with the holiday season here, #JustOneYes (JOY) campaign is calling for those to commit to doing good deeds during this critical time. The goal is to secure 100,000 yeses.

Therese Bermpohl, Marriage, Family, and Respect Life Executive Director for Diocese of Arlington said, “We have the power to change the world so whether or not you’re donating food to the poor, your bringing clothing to the homeless, you’re visiting the lonely, your offering up a personal suffering that as Bishop Burbidge would say that’s extra ordinary transformative powers.”

With this campaign, officials are calling all Parish members to sign up to see how many yeses they will receive. For their commitment, they will receive daily meditations during the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Thus far over 30,000 people have participated.

“It could be the smallest thing. It could be smiling at somebody at the grocery store who looks down, your smile changes their afternoon,” said Bermpohl.

Officials said in addition to the campaign the Diocese of Arlington and Catholic Charities runs special projects and collections to offer additional support to those in need this time of the year.

“We’ve been feeding those less fortunate for years and obviously the social justice message is important to the catholic church such as feeding, clothing people,” said Bermpohl.

The end goal is we just hope to remind everybody that your yes to the good can change the world said officials. The effort reached more than 76,000 yeses during its inaugural year in 2019 and hopes to generate 100,000 new yeses by January 10, 2021.