ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Catholic Charities Mental Health Counseling Services have jump started teletherapy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Michael Horne, Director of Clinical Services for Catholic Charities said, “We recognize that as people are more isolated, the chances of them being depressed, anxious, or lonely are going to increase.”

According to Diocese Officials this rapid transition brought on by the pandemic allows the Catholic Charities to continue to serve those and expand its reach.

“We’re seeing an incredible amount of stress on families and on marriages. Not just from the stay at home orders where people have to be around each other all the time, but also additional stresses such as concerns about illness, possible financial concerns, and people’s jobs at risk” said Dr. Horne.

With safety being the one concern during this time, charities officials said once the pandemic is over they will still implement teletherapy.

Art Bennett, President/CEO of Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington said, “This is an extraordinary circumstance, we’re talking with people who want to run some ideas by somebody, such as can my wife and I talk to you? We’re kind of getting on each others throats maybe you have some ideas, so were seeing more people reaching out that way.”

With Governor Northam issuing a stay at home order until June 10, officials said one of the best things you can do during this time is to not bottle up your emotions and speak to a health professional.

“This is a time of heightened anxiety for everyone so if your feeling more anxious, a little more stressed, a little more discouraged it’s totally normal your just assessing the situation the best thing to do in a situation like that is to not to more isolate yourself but to have someone to talk to,” said Bennett.