ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — The Catholic Charities held a zoom session to help the Latino and Hispanic community on preventing, identifying and dealing with COVID-19.

Catholic Charities officials said the Zoom session had more than 170 participants. The session took place as an informational meeting on preventing and dealing with the virus and to offer assistance for situations that may arise from its impact. Some of the topics officials discussed were mental, emotional and spiritual health, common immigrant legal questions, and identifying the signs, symptoms, and testing.

Jessica Estrada, Director of Newcomer Services, Catholic Charities said, “We’ve been trying to push out good information, solid information that is applicable in the different languages of individuals that we work with, and we started to see a pattern of need to really put together something that was very comprehensive and touched on different aspects of life during this pandemic. We put together the webinar Zoom meeting called “La Vida Durante La Pandemia” known as life during the pandemic.

Estrada said they’re looking forward to holding another webinar.