Recent high-profile cases and disturbing testimony of victims of abuse have kept Catholic Church scandals in the headlines.

While alleged cover-ups continue to hound the church, some say the Vatican has not done enough to right its wrongs.

“People are angry. It is not even too strong a word to say that they are horrified by what they are seeing as terrible example that has been given by people that they trust,” said Father Tom Ferguson, pastor at Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

Many say, it’s the victims whom the Church has left behind.

“This friend of mine, she was the victim of sexual abuse on the part of a priest in another diocese and that particular diocese did not really do a whole lot. She simply wanted someone in the church to hear what she had to say, her experience of her abuse and to just receive comfort and consolation from the church,” said Ferguson. 

Leaders are now being put to the test as of late, even Pope Francis was accused of covering up sex abuse allegations.

“People who have been in positions of power have used religion to be abusive towards people. It is also taking and transforming something that is good, like religion and using that as a means to accomplish something evil,” said Ferguson.