Fairfax City has a long-standing reputation of having a strong economy, and being a great place to live, work and play. And there are local celebrities who work behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Jeff Greenfield, a long time city council member is now resigning after many years of working for the city.

“I have been here since may of 1994 and was first elected, so I am serving in my 24th year,” said Jeff Greenfield, a city council member.

Greenfield says in those 24 years, the main issues that have been at the forefront of the councils top priorities include transportation,education, housing and most importantly, economic development,”

“Economic development. It makes the city of Fairfax work. It is making sure we have a strong development program,” said Greenfield.

Greenfield says, as he is leaving his post, major milestones are being completed in the city, which he hopes to see through.

“We have really worked to ensure that the infrastructure that the city has will carry us another 30 or 40 years. A new fire station, the expansion of city hall, expansion of a new police station, a new community center, major renovations at Fairfax high school and our middle school,” said Greenfield.

Greenfield says, even though he will not be on city council, he still plans to stay active in his community and continue working with the city to improve a place he and many others call home.

“For my colleagues, we got to make sure that we are moving the city forward without over development and that we continue to make this the best place to live work and raise a family, in the heart of northern Virginia,” said Greenfield.