CLARKE COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Students at Clarke County Public Schools have been working on a project to learn more about watersheds and how to help them too.

Students at Clarke County Schools released over 50 native brook trout.

“We start when they’re in their little sack in their eggs, and then from there we just kind of raise them they’ve gotten pretty big so that’s why we decided to release them now,” said Belle Reid, a senior at Clarke County High School.

The trout were released into Spout Run at Burwell Morgan Mill. The fish release was all part of a project called Clarke to the Bay. Shanan Hambrick, a fisheries and wildlife teacher at Clarke County Schools says the project aims to teach students more about watersheds and how they work.

“A big thing it’s for them to understand what we’re doing to our waters and what it’s doing to the organisms within the waters,” said Shanan Hambrick, Agriculture Teacher at Clarke County Public Schools.

The project is made possible through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration UVA’s Blandy Experimental Farm.