The critical care unit team at Winchester Medical Center has received the ‘I See You Care award’ for their use of telehealth services.

The unit partnered with advanced icu care one year ago after looking for options to supplement their workforce particularly at night. The advanced icu care professionals are able to provide assistance and care to Winchester Medical Center staff through computer screen and camera. Representatives are pleased that they have been able to adapt to the technology and serve their patients more effectively because of it. 

When you look at our outcomes, together we’ve been able to improve other measures of efficiency such as length of stay, together we’ve been able to reduce the time patients are spending in the icu which is important in terms of getting them back to their lives. Rachel Sackrowitz of Advanced ICU Care says.

“Well of course it feels great , I think what it does is recognize the ard work of both teams of provide outstanding care for patients in out region.”  T. Glen Bouder medical director of critical care says. 

Winchester medical center is one of 65 hospitals across the country that has tele icu services, and were one of 13 to win an award.