LEESBURG, Va. (DC News Now) — Dana Green still has footwear to sell at ReStock Sneakers, just not as much as she used to have in her store.

Thieves took more than $40,000 worth of sneakers during two break-ins at the store. They happened during the early morning hours of November 17 and November 27.

“Initially we were very devastated,” Green said.

She offers high-end sneakers that sell for as high as $880 for a pair of Nike Dunks.

The store reopened on December 15, after it had been closed since the second break-in at the business. Green missed out on cashing in on the busy holiday shopping season, as she predicts sales will drop dramatically.

“Probably 50%. This is a big time of year for us,” said Green. “This is when we get most of our sales from November to December. Compared to back-to-school, this is huge for us.”

Customers shopping for the holidays have sympathy for the owners

“That’s just their livelihood,” said Jalen Powell. “That’s the money they use to pay their bills and to live off of.”

Leesburg Police believe six children, between the ages of 14-16, are responsible for the second crime. They’re still trying to determine if the two break-ins are connected.

“You wouldn’t expect them to be out at three o’clock in the morning smashing your windows, going into your store, and stealing.”

Police said so far only one suspect has been charged. Charges are pending against three others. While the other two will be treated as juvenile offenders.